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Counseling Credentials:

I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a specialty in Family Systems Work from the University of Alaska, Anchorage; I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Colorado #815; and I am Level II EMDR Practitioner for trauma and grief work.

Clinical Orientation: 

Even though I have been doing therapy for over thirty-five years, I still absolutely love counseling. If I didn’t need the money (I have two kids in college) I would do this work for free. During the therapy process I find myself frequently astounded by the manner in which individuals are willing to take risks, grow and heal. I see myself as a catalyst to their growth. I feel privileged to be allowed to share with clients in this process. I also feel blessed that I have been given the opportunity to engage with people in such an intense and rewarding manner. 

Initially I was trained in family systems theory, a clinical orientation that I still feel extremely passionate about. Systems work is always at the core of any technique that I utilize. However, over the years I have expanded my work to include various additional techniques with a special emphasis in humanistic, cognitive behavioral and EMDR approaches. I am a mixture of “head and heart” in that I am very grounded in the analytic side, but also believe that therapy needs to be “heart –felt”. I am not new-age, in that I don’t believe that simply being in the present or expressing feelings will solve difficult emotional problems. Rather I am more directive in nature. I don’t just sit and listen, but rather I actively engage with my clients, explore feelings, share what I am perceiving, and present options for change. I am transparent. My clients may ask and receive answers to just about anything that I am thinking or feeling in regard to their treatment. I greatly respect each individual’s ability to know themselves and help me know in what direction and how fast to move during the therapy process. 

Scope of Counseling Practice:

I provide individual, marriage and family therapy, and EMDR trauma treatment. In addition, I clinically supervise candidates for licensure. 

Areas of specialty include:

Relationship and family issues; depression; anxiety; panic attacks; grief; victimization; bipolar disorders; ADD & ADHD; OCD; attachment disorders; phobias; and personality disorders.


For counseling services I charge $125/hr. I do not accept credit card payment. Most clients pay me with personal check.

For divorce services, including shared parenting consultation and counseling, I charge $190 per hour and do not accept credit card or insurance payments. Clients usually pay with a personal check.


I no longer accept insurance for payment. Clients pay me my full fee. If you have insurance, with some companies I can also bill your insurance for you and then your insurance company will reimburse you your benefit amount directly. With other companies I can give you a receipt which you can use to bill your insurance yourself. 

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