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eye movement desensitization

& reprocessing

I believe our body is amazing in it's ability, when given the right tools, to heal itself. As an EMDR practitioner I don't make the change happen. Instead I am a catalyst. I create the environment and then I am given the privilege of watching and coaching while my client's body reorganizes how it stores and processes traumatic information. And, as a result, memories and experiences that had formerly been tied to intense emotions, fears and anxieties become desensitized. My client still may remember these things, but these memories no longer evoke an intense emotional response. This change appears permanent.

I have found EMDR to be very successful for the treatment of trauma, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief, anxiety, phobic reactions, panic attacks, victimization and loss. Mostly, whenever there are troublesome intense feelings associated with something, EMDR is effective in desensitizing these feelings. In the case of PTSD, clients find they are no longer triggered by things in their environment that formerly created an anger or avoidant response. This is a wonderful form of therapy. Sometimes it seems just like magic. 

I charge $125 per hour for EMDR services. I do not take credit card payments so most people pay me by check at the time of the service.

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